St. Amour Madeleines

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 | click here to comment

I love taking trips to California because I always discover some new gluten free treat that I've never seen on the East Coast.  My most recent trip to Cali was to San Diego where I of course stopped into a Whole Foods to see what they had.  I discovered a small area where they had gluten free Madeleine cookies in a few different flavors by St. Amour.  I was never much of a Madeleine cookie person before my gluten freedom, but it's amazing what you want to eat when you can't have it anymore.  I picked up a bag of Almond Orange cookies dipped in dark chocolate and the hippy chick checkout girl was like  "Oooh these are really good, they taste just like the real thing!"  I'm definitely one for word-of-mouth so it makes me happy to hear glowing recommendations from people when I'm out shopping, even if they are completely unsolicited.  I brought the cookies back to the hotel room and picked up a latte to go with them.  The coffee really makes the cookie sing.  Without any coffee they are a little dry, but still quite tasty, but with the flavor and heat of the coffee the cookies taste just like the real thing.  They are a little thicker and heavier than a normal Madeleine, but they are great for dipping.  The dark chocolate is also a nice touch, but hey, you can't really go wrong with adding chocolate to sweets, right?  :)

Overall a very tasty treat.  I'll definitely be picking up some more from the local Whole Foods here. Rating: *** (Good)


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