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Thursday, October 25th, 2007 | click here to comment

I thought about rambling on trying to explain my absence from posting in this blog, when in all reality I was lazy and uninspired. I found myself becoming continually bored by the various culinary adventures to be had in NYC. It was becoming more about checking out the latest buzzworthy place rather than discovering hidden gems with great food.

It was all put into perspective for me when I moved to Jersey City a month ago. I thought I would be moving to a dead zone with nothing but fast food chain restaurants, but what I discovered was a shocking lack of chain restaurants (aside from an Mc Donald's Express) and a plethora of small mom and pop restaurants serving up surprisingly good food. I have been continuously impressed with the variety and quality of the restaurants and ethnic grocery shops in my neighborhood. It's the perfect cultural melting pot for anyone who loves to eat ethnic food. Within a 10 block radius you will find Indian, Pakistani, Cuban, Dominican, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese and Greek food, all serving up some tasty dishes.

My current restaurant du jour is Nha Trang, a large Vietnamese eatery with an attached and well stocked Asian market. My Vietnamese food obsession is still quite new and I haven't really worked myself up to trying some of the more exotic dishes, but my favorite dish has to be pho. My obsession with pho has grown over the years since I went to Paris and tried the most phenomenal pho I have ever had at Le Bambou. Nha Trang has good pho (although a big heavy handed on the MSG), but it doesn't compare to Le Bambou.

However, I've been sampling some of the other dishes at Nha Trang and they are pretty damn tasty. My favorite being the grilled pork with rice noodes (pictured above). It's refreshing to find so many options within a few blocks of where I live. Which is why I've decided to revamp this blog. MisterBelly is about food, in all shapes and forms (gluten free or not), and I will be there (camera in hand of course) recording every tasty moment I can.


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